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Empire State of Mind
Glee Cast (Empire State of Mind)

                 True Love is Blind....

             Multicultural Contemporary Romance                               Author Alexandria Infante

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        Where Contemporary  
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                 Latin Flava...

                      Feel the Flava...Add a Lil Latin Spice to Your Life...

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It’s the Little things

Chef’s Like it Hot; Sarie’s Choice

Just a Taste

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For Now

Computer Love

Catered Lies

Contagious Love

When I First Met You…

Life Begins with You…


                                                          One Foot in the Grave

                                                          Sands & Spirits

                                                          Ties that Kill

                                                          Open Your Eyes

                                                          Gertrude Clue


                                                          Nite Moves

                                                          Tell Me Something Good

                                                          Kats & Dawgs…

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                Two Sides of OPA!

Being the head Curator of the Natural History Museum would be a dream come true for Tè!

So when Mr. Raines informs her that he placed her name on the candidate list…she's ecstatic.

However when Mr. Rains explains that she must be fluent in Greek to even accept the position, due to the fact that it is as liaison to the Athens Museum of Antiquities, Tè is nearly deflated!

She can think of only one person who speaks Greek, yet he can’t stand the ground she walks on.

Tè realizes that she'll need to swallow her pride…and solicit his help anyway…

      For nearly three years Akhilleus’ has watched her saunter into his father’s restaurant, and it was dislike at first sight. She reminded him of the elite socialite wanna be’s he’d left behind in Crete. 

     So when she asked him to help her become fluent in Greek…Akhilleus attempted to hid his sinister grin. It was his chance to knock her off that pedestal once and for all.

     However the look in her eyes…and the full pouty lips…caused Akhilleus to think that maybe…just maybe he’d misjudged her…

Multicultural/Interracial Love...


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                        Jan 2016

               Grave Reviews: Hannah

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    Interracial Romance Blossoming in 

                   West Africa...

                  Try out these authors on for size :

                    RWOWA writes

Happy August, readers! It’s been a quiet recently on RWoWA news front but it doesn't mean we’ve been inactive. In fact out members have been busy working away in the background to bring you the stories and novels you love so much. We have a few things lined up for the second part of 2013. So watch this space as we bring you more news.

Congratulations to our member Sifa Asani Gowon who won a place at the coveted 2013 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop led by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. We wish her well in her quest to get published.

This month sees the release of 3 novels by members of RWoWA.

The first, Love Through Time, is the debut novel from Ghanaian romance writer Nana Prah, published by Black Opal Books.

It is now available to buy from Amazon and other book retailers. Nana is giving away 3 x $10 Amazon gift card on her online book tour. Visit Nana Prah’s blog for more information.

Author Kiru Taye also has 2 new books out this month.

SCARS is the first part of Passion Shields, an erotic fiction series following the exploits of the men and women who work for a security firm.

SCARS is available to buy from: Evernight Publishing | Amazon US | Amazon UK |

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              Happy Reading :)

Love has no boundries....

I write 1st Person in three different genres. Check them out, you might like them...

Only Love Matters After-All...

For all my fellow authors, published or un-published, I would like you to as Disney's Lumière would say "Be Our Guest" (wonder if anyone else knows Lemur was Law and Order's Jerry Orbach? Isn't that so craaaazy lol. I loved Lenny lol) ).  All you need to do is send me a shout out and tell me where you saw this posted. 

Then contact me (<<<< button to the side) with your email address, state whether you are published or un-published, and give me a synopsis then we'll go from there. Also please state if you would like to do a Guest Blog, or an Author Interview; but tech both are completely fun. I've done both.

IR is Just Scandalous....

Someone's Killing Book Reviewers...

Hannah Jackson is best known for her raving reviews, whether good or bad; and knows the business like the back of her hand.

Although she's seen her fair share of up and coming prolific authors, when Salim Jabob's book hits her desk its anything but readable. Why the very concepts he suggests are laughable. Hannah attacks it, deems it trash, and is just fine when her editor publishes it in this weeks review section of the New York Times...

Luke O'Malley worked the force for 12 years now, and if he'd thought he'd seen it all, this last case frightened even him...

Sometimes...the past... doesn't stay in the past...

Taking an English Lit Professorship at a prestigious East Coast college seemed like a good idea to California native Alexandria Escalantè. 

Alexandria gains allies in a strong circle of new friends, and begins to feel like she can truly start over. 

East Coast life is just the thing for Alexandria, and she realizes that for the first time in her life she actually fits in somewhere. 

She's finally happy with her life; that's until the ex-boyfriend shows up and wants her back...dead or alive.

Happy Reading...

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