Feel the Latin Flava...

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I Don't Need You...But I Want You...

Book Blurb;

Dating a 26 year old was out of the question for Alexa, hell she was 43 years old; old enough to be his mother. Marge had tried to get her to jump on the bandwagon citing that it was normal nowadays, but Alie just didn’t see it that way even as hard as she tried.
But when Andrew the gorgeous blonde hottie caught as her Jimmy Choo snapped on her way to a lunch date with her bestie Marge, Alexa had a slight difference of opinion.
But could they truly ever make it work, when they were a decade apart?
Could she ever fall in love with Andrew, someone 15 years younger than her?
Alexa wasn’t sure, but thought it was worth a shot; that is until she met 25 year old Hawaiian dream Kalani.

Book Excerpt;

I frowned as he stood before me for the fifth time, attempting to plead his case. I frowned up at him, then endeavored to walk away, but he caught my arm and I jerked away from him. I rolled my eyes as he kneeled in front of me pleading.

    “Just stop Andrew!” I yelled, stepped around him, but he caught me and held me tightly.

    “I swear, I’ll stop Alie! Please just wait.” He pleaded, but I just couldn’t do it anymore.

    “Why, you’ll never change Drew, it’s always the same! How many times have you said you were going to rehab? How many times have you promised?” I yelled, and several people at the party looked in our direction, and I grabbed at his arm so that he would get up off the floor. He rose, then snatched me out to the balcony.

    “Why, because of the huge fucken Hawaiian?” He spat, and I gasped. “I saw the way he kept looking at you, and your neighbor is about to piss me the fuck off!”

    “This has nothing to do with them! It’s you Drew, and always you!” I yelled back, and he put his fist through the balcony door, and I gasped.

It was at this point that I wanted to kick my best friend Marge’s ass; she was the one who wanted to have a fricken Christmas party! When Andrew was at the house two weeks ago, she figured it would be crappy not to invite him, even after I’d already told her that I wanted to break with him! Not to mention, I never did understand why it couldn’t be held at her place. Then I suddenly remembered her screeching something about my place being bigger, her being horny, and the fact that I was a professor, and could afford if I stopped hording all of my money.

As I started up into his beautiful blue eyes, they darkened, taking on a grey hue.

Not gonna work this time! My brain screamed, stilling myself for the onslaught of excuses I knew were about to tumble from his lips.