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Chef's Like it Hot...

Release Date: March 15th 2015...

An hour later, I was having the best time of my life.

   “So Mando, what have you been up to lately?” Colin asked, and he smiled as he took Rebecca’s hand.

   "We’re expecting.” he stated grinning, and the women began gushing.

   “Omg, we so have to do a shower!” Kendra cried, and Rebecca laughed.

   “And well, I got the Head Chef’s gig at the Bellagio.” he said, and I looked at him sharply, and I could have sworn Rebecca kicked him under the table.

   “I am so over that now Mando, I am completely happy for you.” I said smiling, and it was as if his entire body relaxed, and Rebecca’s did too.

    “And you?” Armando countered, and Colin laughed.

   “Just doing me.” he returned, and I thought it strange that he looked at me.

They spent the next 30minutes reminiscing on the last ten years, jobs, parties, companies we all worked for; and what it was like to be 23 fresh out of culinary school, marketing, advertising and the lives we led.

   “You remember that time when Sar and Col got locked in Ricardo’s closet half naked? Colin swears that nothing happened, but Rico said otherwise; cuz some lips were involved!” Missanna asked, I chocked on my drink, and Colin started laughing.

   “No!” I whizzed shaking my head.

It was a lie, but I would be damned if I would admit it in front of all these people.

It was the most astounding kiss I had ever had, had thought on it often, but I sure as hell wasn’t about to say that.

Years after, I still wondered what would happen between us because of it.

   “Yes, how can you not remember?” Missanna laughed, and I felt my face turn red again.

   “I have no recollection of that. And knowing Rico, he was probably lying.” I said, and Kendra laughed.

   “I do, fucken Ricardo did it on purpose. We always thought there were sparks between you two, but then after like five years, we realized you were just friends, then Kellen came into the picture.” Kendra returned, and I noticed the frown on Colin’s face.

   “How is Rico anyway?” Colin asked, and God was I thankful for that.

   “Good, he and Richard are living the dream. They just brought a house on Mulholland Drive, so I’m guessing really well.” Kendra said, and everyone nodded.

   “We so have to get everyone together.” Missanna returned, and they nodded.

   “Hey, we totally forgot about the Tostones and Tembleque.” I said as I got up and left the table.

   “Did you see the look on his face?” Kendra whispered to Missanna, and they laughed.

   “Yup, he was always into her, and I mean like in love, into her. I never knew why she couldn’t see it. Colin is one hot mofo, and I would have made a play for him, but I could always tell he was in love with her.” Missanna said as Colin got up as well and followed Sariekiko into the kitchen.

   “I fucken thought so! But I wasn’t sure, because I didn’t hang with you guys when he was around much; but I always thought there was something there.”

   “Everybody could tell, and I never understood it either.” Rebecca said nodding with a slight frown.

Sariekiko had deserved so much better than that fuck, and she and Armando used to get into it often because Armando had confided in Rebecca that Kellen was cheating on her; and Rebecca wanted to tell her so bad. Armando said it wasn’t their place to.

   “Well, let’s hope this time she isn’t blind to it. Colin was a good guy then, and seems like he hasn’t changed one bit. I couldn’t stand that jerkass Kellen.” Missanna said, Kendra and Rebecca nodding.

   “So, what is up with that hot ass chocolate dream Barry Sandy?” Missanna asked Sandra, and she laughed.


I looked up as he entered the kitchen.

   “I’m sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable, you know how Missa is, and she hasn’t changed one bit in ten years I see.” he laughed, and I nodded, as I busied myself with the Tostones and Tembleque.

   “Is something wrong Sarie.” he asked, as he paused my hands, then turned me towards him.

   “No, why would you think that?” I replied, turned back to the food, when he turned me back around.

   “Because, I feel like I’m making you uncomfortable.” he said quietly, then lifted my chin so that I could look him in the eyes.

   “You just make me hella nervous.” I returned breathless, my eyes widened, and I could have slapped myself.

His eyes widened as well, then this grin I couldn’t describe spread across his features.

I moved away from him, and cleared my throat.

   “Would you be a dear and hand me the whipped cream from the fridge?” I asked, but he didn’t say anything.

I turned to look at him, he seized me, sat me on the counter, stepped between my thighs; and the kiss he laid on me took my breath away.

His fingers traced the side of my face, as he drew me deeper into the kiss, and the moan left me of its own accord. He drew his other hand through my hair, pausing at the nape of my neck, to draw me even further into the kiss. He sucked on my bottom lip, then slowly released it.

He stepped back from me, picked up both the Tostones and Tembleque, then looked up at me.

   “I never forgot that kiss.” he stated, I gasped, and he walked out of the kitchen.

I drew my hand to my lips, and sat there for several moments.

I had never in my life been kissed like that!