Feel the Latin Flava...

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Ozuna X Natti Natasha letra

See No Evil...Speak No Evil...Hear No Evil...

Being a Financial Analyst had its perks. 
Meghan had more money in the bank than she could ever spend, Life was simple and sweet, and she’d kept it that way by maintaining entanglements of love few and far.
However, when she received the silver box in the mail, which contained a pair of human ears; her first thought was why someone would do this to me! 
When Det. Righ presented himself, then showed her pictures of her friends Hannah and Jordan, she had no clue what the hell was going on.
Nevertheless, she did know the attraction to the hot blonde Detective was instantaneous, and he seemed just as affected by it as she did.

Book Excerpt;

    “Ms. Abendroth?” Someone called, and I turned.

I was short of breath for several moments, composed myself, then nodded. I swear to you, with the way this man looked, you would have thought Michelangelo himself painted him to perfection.

His dark blonde hair rested slightly on his shoulders, however the ends sort of flipped in an almost curl sort of way. As he looked up from the small black pad, the ice blue eyes caused my breath to catch again. He was very tall too, because he had to bend slightly to get through my office door. He was broad through the shoulders, and from the way his button down shirt clung to the upper portion of his chest, I could see he cared about his body.

This was one handsome mofo!

I thought, then felt my cheeks tint slightly as he smiled.

    “Ye…ummm, yes?” I replied clearing my throat, and his smile widened.

    “If ye have a moment, I’ll just take down yer statement, and we can go from there.” He said, and I nodded as he gestured to my desk.

When he was through with my statement, he placed a photograph of a woman on the desk, then looked me straight in the eyes.

    “Do ye know a Hannah Jackson?” He asked, I gasped, then peered at the picture again. I drew it closer, then looked up at him wide-eyed.

    “Yes, but I haven’t seen Hannie in years!” I cried, as I gazed at my sophomore year college roommate from what seemed ages ago. Hannah and I had been friends since the sixth grade, and Mr. and Mrs. Jackson were like second parents to me. I hadn’t seen Hannah since her father made Chief of police seven years ago, but we spoke on the phone at least five times a month. We were both extremely busy; she with the New York Times, and me with the Presidential election. She hadn’t changed much though I thought smiling, except for the dark circles under her eyes. I frowned as I looked up from the photograph at the Det.

    “Humm…we have an on-going case, where Ms. Jackson’s been sent similar items.”

    “Really, but why?”

    “That, we don’t have a clue yet.” The Det. replied, and I sighed.

    “Is this the same case from the newspaper?” I wailed, he frowned, then sighed nodding.

I had seen it on the news for the last week. Several of New York’s top book reviewers had ended up brutally murdered, and the police had no leads.


    “Ma’am, do ye recognize any of the names on this list, including the victims?” He asked as he slid the sheet of paper across the desk to me. I gasped, then looked up at him shocked.

    “My God, yes! Hannah Jackson of course, Coco Harper, Jordan Salazar, Sally Higgins, Jeremy Mars, and Jenny Escobar; we all had Dr. Hiram Jerkewitz as our Journalism professor. Hannah, Coco, Jordan, Jeremy and I have been friends since the six grade, we met Sally senior year of high school, and Jenny our freshman year of college. Jenny and I bunked together freshman year. Melissiah Greg, oh my God! Melissiah’s my younger brother’s babysitter!” I yelled surging to my feet.

    “Are ye sure?” He countered, and I nodded shaken.

    “Yes! What the fuck is going on?” I yelled, as I placed my hands on my hips, then frowned slightly as his eyes seemed to be drawn to my waist, then leisurely made their way back up to my face.

    “You done?” I snapped, and he grinned slightly, as his cheeks tinted somewhat. I caught the gasp that threatened to escape me as his eyes probed into mine, as if he could see right through to my very soul, and I would swear I had imagined the heat I just saw in them. He cleared his throat again, then looked down at the small black pad again.

    “We need to take ye into police custody, and now ma’am.” He said forcefully, all seductiveness gone, and I looked at Kenneth.

    “You cannot be serious!” I shrieked, then saw Kenneth wince as he looked at the detective.

    “I dead certs am.” The detective replied, and I drew myself up.

    “You do not have the right to force me to go anywhere! Are you insane? I haven’t committed a crime, so you can’t arrest me. I know my rights under the law believe me, so I am not going anywhere. I have a company to run!” I yelled and the detective leisurely walked around the desk, to peer down on me. He drew closer to me, so close in fact that his lips nearly grazed mine. He smelled delicious, and I had to fight the urge to close my eyes and let the scent of him envelope me.

    “Actually I can, because ye need police protection.” he stated softly, the effervescence of Certs on his breath, and I looked into those beautiful eyes of his.

    “Well you can’t make me.” I returned barely audible, and his grin widened.

    “Watch me.” he said, then bumped my chin with his. I gasped, then glared at the set of handcuff he withdrew from his back pocket.

    “I got here, just go with them Meg.” Kenneth pleaded, and I nodded retrieving my things.

I left the office in a huff among a throng of office onlookers, and as the detective and I reached the elevator I sulked.

What the hell was going on? I asked myself again.

Why would someone do this? Who had I pissed off this ghastly?

I mean I was a political analysis, but I never came in contact with people in that manner. I dealt with large hedge funds, money markets, and such. I have never misplaced anyone’s money, nor have I ever cheated anyone; so why was this happening to me?

The Det. placed his hand at the small of my back to guide me into the elevator, and I vow a shock of electricity shot up my spine, so strong in fact, that I gasped and so did he. My eyes flew to his face, and he had the same awestruck look on his features that I did.

He cleared his throat again, then nodded towards the space in the elevator. I took a deep breath and walked in.

What the hell was that?

I have never had a reaction to a man like this in my entire life!

I glanced up at him, and he stared at me for several moments, when suddenly a slight grin graced his expression. I quickly looked at the buttons on the elevator in front of me, cleared my throat, and willed the fricken thing to speed to the bottom floors.