Feel the Latin Flava...

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Bryson Tiller


Sometimes...the past... doesn't stay in the past...

Taking an English Lit Professorship at a prestigious East Coast college seemed like a good idea to California native Alexandria Escalantè. The position came through a good friend, and was the ideal escape from her drug using abusive ex-boyfriend, and a family who believes she's basically incompetent because she can't keep a man.
Alexandria gains allies in a strong circle of new friends, and begins to feel like she can truly start over. Especially, once she meets fellow college Professor Dantè Poptoppolous.
East Coast life is just the thing for Alexandria, and she realizes that for the first time in her life she actually fits in somewhere. She's finally happy with her life; that's until the ex-boyfriend shows up and wants her back...dead or alive.

Saint Stevens University

Literature & Arts Building

Jacey Hall...

Chapter One....

 As I stood looking out the window absently listening to my student, explain why he thought Romeo was a punk for killing himself over some chick; I silently wished I were somewhere on an exotic island. The thought of another harsh winter instantly  depressed me, although the weather  forecast had said light drizzle. I frowned at that. The weather man should have been be slapped twice, not just the once for this hot mess.

I continued to look out the window, and it amazed me how wrong he was! It was coming down in buckets, and didn’t seem likely it would be stopping anytime soon. I longed for black sandy beaches, hot island men, and a nice cool Mojito.

The native drink to us Cubanos.

I was  working on my second year here at Saint Stevens, and I really kind of hated it. I took the position sort of under duress, if I could actually say that. I’d taught for five years at a community college in California, where I’d lived for the last thirty two years of my life; and now here I was at one of the most prestigious private colleges in the nation.

The position came through a very dear friend, who thought I was spreading myself too thin working city. But for me, I loved the very idea of waking each day ready to fill young minds with a zest, and an almost zealot’s desire for literature.


I woke up real fast my first year of teaching. Not only did most of the students not care for the classics, or anything like that, but most of them only did the bare minimum just to get by. With the exception of the very few and solitary English major every now and then.

I took the  job mainly because of the pay increase. It was almost three times my  salary at city. The only catch was I would have to move three thousand mile away, to an East Coast college town. Not only did it suck not having the California sun, but the winter here was a bitch. Yeah we have Big Bear, Summit, and even Baldy, but this is real snow! Nothing in California could prepare you for an East Coast winter if you had never been in one. Ten to twenty feet of real snow. So much that you had to shovel snow each day just to get to work.

This was so not just catching some powder!

I suddenly turned from the window and realized my students were looking at me as though I’d just grown two heads.

      “Did you hear anything I just said Ms. E?” Victor asked exasperated at the fact that I seemed to be not listening to his long drawn out explanation. I looked up, then slowly walked to my desk and sat down.

       “Of course I did Vic, you can take your seat now. It’s ten till, so I’ll let you guys go; but I expect to have those essays in by Wednesday after next. As well, I also anticipate them to be at the very least five pages.” This announcement got me a chorus of awe’s, and I ignore them.

       “Hold up a minute!” I said as they bolted for the door. “I want final  proposals for the Mid-term essays on my desk next Monday. If anyone needs to talk to me to run over their ideas, you guys know my office hours. If any of you are unsure, I’d take me up on it because it’s fifty percent of your grade.” The aghast on their faces at that moment was quit comical.

     “But Ms. E, you said it was only thirty percent before!” Lola suddenly near screamed at me. Lola is the resident kiss ass, and the very idea of me veering from the syllabi, why it’s preposterous to her.

      “This I know too Lola, but for the very fact we are nearly two weeks behind in class, it’s either continue with the three other essays that are due; or scratch them and concentrate on the Mid-term. Now, seeing that most of the class would probably rather concentrate on the Mid-term, it would seem you may be out voted on this. However, if the class would like to do the three essays and the Mid-term, I guess I can make the time for it.” The class immediately erupted in protest and Lola cringed.

     ”Why can’t you ever just shut up? You’re such a fucken suck up Lola.” Jeremy Stone muttered.

     “Now…now class.” I cajoled. “Hey…hey… everybody calm down. I’ve already arranged it with the Dean, but if Lola feels I have somehow neglected her academics by shortening the essays; we can see what can be done about changing the scheduled back.”

     “No, that won’t be necessary Ms. E.” Lola murmured as she slowly walked towards the door. I gathered by the looks she got from the other students even if she didn’t agree, it was probably in her best interest to let it go anyway.

     “Then if there’s nothing else, see you guys on Wednesday. And don’t forget the proposals. If it’s not on my desk by next Monday I’ll assume  whoever doesn’t have it in isn’t doing the Mid-term, and I’ll grade accordingly.” The groans were laughable as they went out the door.

As the students shuffle out the door, I caught a glimpse of professor Dantè Sean Poptoppolous. Yes Dantè, just like the inferno. This may sound corny as hell, but just looking at this man could start an inferno in any woman he dared to glance at. Shall I describe this Greek god for you? Six feet four, emerald green eyes, black hair, and the tightest body I’ve ever seen. And believe me, being from California I’ve seen a lot of tight bodies. He suddenly poked his head into my classroom.

     “We’re going over to Paddy’s pub after work, you going Al?” He asked grinning. Al is short for Alexandria. Most of my friends just call me Ali, but for some reason he likes to shorten it even more, not that I mind. He can call me whatever the hell he likes, just as long as he calls me.

     “Not tonite Sean, too much work to grade.” I returned with a smile.

Sean teaches Greek Mythology wouldn’t you know it, and loves the tragedies.

As I watched the sly smile slowly creep over his features, I thought damn. It’s a tragedy for any man to look like that! What I wouldn’t give to wake up next to those features every morning. Shaking myself mentally, I said;

       “Maybe next time.”

     “Awe c’mon Al, you never go. Charlie’s promised to do his rendition of a Flock of Seagull’s “I ran.” He coaxed grinning.


This man is gorgeous.

     “What time are you guys leaving tonight?”

What harm would it do?

I always found some excuse not to go each week, and it seemed I was starting to run out of excuses. It’s just I don’t trust myself where Sean is concerned. This man is too, too hot! He could cause any woman to sin. But it’s not just his looks. He even has the sensitive side, which we ladies know is a major plus.

The more I looked at him, the more I thought; he’s just as close to perfect as anyone could be? I tried to busy myself, pretending to be looking over my essays.

     “Not sure yet. But come on, just this once? Let me buy you that drink  I’ve been promising to buy you for a year now?”

I looked up and noticed he was suddenly propped against my desk looking at me.

Was I that deep in thought I hadn’t heard him approach my desk? He placed his hand on the essays on top of mine, which causes me to look at our hands. For some reason I have this thing about a man's hands. Hands seem to portray strength to me, and his hands were very large and strong looking. I looked up, and just happen to be looking directly into those emerald pools, and my breath caught. He heard it, tilted his head to one side, and then gave me a weird look. I quickly looked away removing my hand.


An entire year of me trying to keep my attraction for him under wraps might have just been shot to hell, in one look!

     “Maybe, just one drink.” I replied as I walked over to the other side of the desk. Sean got up and started to walk towards the door, then paused.

     “I’ll expect to see you there Al in say…” He looked at his watch then.

     “An hour?”

     “Yeah, I guess.” I returned smiling slightly. “I’ll just stop off at my place first, and then I’ll see you guys there.”

     “Okay, see you at 8:30 then?” He questioned again waiting for my reply.

    “Sure.” I muttered and gathered up the papers and my briefcase. I walked to the door, and as we both exited the classroom he placed his hand at the small of my back, and I would swear I felt an electric current shoot up my spine.

I inhaled so quickly, I almost choked on the breath, and then looked at him. He gave me a look that said he’d felt it too. I cleared my throat.

     “So…I’ll see you there at 8:30.” I stated, but before he could answer I made a b-line for the door leading to the parking lot.